A Final Fix for Problem Floor Joints

Get Your Operations Back on the Fast Track
with the SD Joint-Saver

  • Restore positive load transfer at joints.
  • SD Joint-Saver installs quickly with very little downtime.
  • Proven Results – Joint deflection is measured before & after installation.
  • Immediately increases productivity while decreasing vehicle maintenance and downtime.
  • Cost effectively lowers the risk of accidents, injuries, and damaged products.
  • Increases profitability by improving operations efficiency while lowering maintenance and risk management costs.
Fast, Easy, Installation Process - click photos to view full-size
Survey slab, measure and record
deflection, determine location for installation and repairs.
The SD Joint-Saver measures
3" diameter and 7" high.
SD Joint-Savers are installed.                    
SD Joint-Saver is expanded
to the proper torque value.
Deflection is again measured
and recorded to confirm success.
Additional filling and finishing may be necessary to complete the repair.
SD Video
How It Works:
Joints start to rock due to shrinkage and curling, causing a loss of aggregate interlock, which leads to damage during lift truck traffic.
Joint integrity is reestablished when the SD Joint-Saver is installed, resulting in smooth, uninterrupted production.
The patented SD Joint-Saver features an internal mechanism that expands and contracts with the concrete, maintaining extreme positive pressure on both slab sections that it contacts.