The SD Joint-Saver has been installed and used by:

Pep Boys
Smith Drug
Kimberly Clark
Frito Lay
Tech Tran Brake
Rivers Edge Furniture
Cardinal CG

Project Pictures
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Deteriorated Joints Can Lead to Premature Tire Wear

We have had some of the floor devices installed at our facility now for several years and recently several months ago (February 2008) had several hundred more installed. We find them to live up to their stated use of stabilizing the floor joints and cracked areas to prevent further movement. They have significantly reduced the amount of expenditures we have to lay out for wheels and bearings on our lifts on a monthly basis. I was very impressed with the professional work completed by the vendor Michael Tuccelli and his crew from S & S Concrete Specialties. They worked around our very busy production schedule to minimize, if not negate, any lost time due to the installation of the devices.

All our life operators have been very pleased with how the foloor is now a very smooth surface. This has been reported to our associates to alleviate some of the constant stress to their legs before the application of these devices corrected such a harsh and bumpy ride for them. This has also increased the speed and efficiency of our janitorial staff that has to sweep and mop the floors with a ride-on sweeper/scrubber. This has also minimized the replacement of the sweep and scrub brushes. All in all, I have been more than pleased with the result of this installation and the professionalism that came with the vendor doing the work. I would highly recommend this process to any facility that may be having the same difficulties that we had to endure with our floors before we come upon this process.

I, again, thank you and your organization for all the hard work and dedication you have provided--not only in the testing and installing, but also the actual invention of this product, by Face Consultants, to meet our high traffic demands. And a very special thanks to Robert Costa for taking the time and effort to come up with this product.

H. Lee Williams , Pep Boys NYDC
Facilities Manager
Maintenance Department

How It Works:
Joints start to rock due to shrinkage and curling, causing a loss of aggregate interlock, which leads to damage during lift truck traffic.
Joint integrity is reestablished when the SD Joint-Saver is installed, resulting in smooth, uninterrupted production.
The patented SD Joint-Saver features an internal mechanism that expands and contracts with the concrete, maintaining extreme positive pressure on both slab sections that it contacts.